Valuation survey time and value studies are always of interest to managers who need to determine the value of increasing profit margins by raising prices, or the ability to increase sales by reducing prices. You can conduct efficiency studies using a variety of research methods, including linkage analysis, Van Westendorp models, and pricing scales. The best method to survey google is to use survey software. It is the fastest, most flexible, and most convenient way to reach interviewees around the world. Although free and open-source software exists, it lacks the necessary functions to analyze and compile data.

For services, the cost includes features such as multiple questions, respondents, responses, analytic and editing controls, and more. Potential organizational control, integration, and collaboration features for admins also play a role. Most survey industry players offer a subscription model, starting at 1500 per month per user and 3500 and up for a 3-member team. Survey companies like Survey google and survey monkey companies charge around 350 INR per online respondent. However, Growth Guide charges around INR 50 per respondent for a 10-question questionnaire, which is a fairly competitive scale.